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The value of the physical exam by a doctor’s trained eyes, ears, and touch cannot be underestimated and we support the doctor with equipment that allows us to practice the highest standard of care.


Medicine is an art that is always changing and improving. This improvement is called the Standard of Care. The new standards are tested and approved by specialists and university hospitals. Whole Pet stays at the forefront of the new standards of care.

Here is what we are proud to offer you:

  • Longer and more thorough appointments so you and your pet can spend time with the doctor.

  • An atmosphere more like home than a medical facility to relax your pet while visiting with us.

  • In-house blood work including chemistry, CBC (complete blood count), heartworm test results within 15 minutes.

  • Individualized vaccination protocols based on new standards of care.

  • Digital x-ray - Higher resolution images are rendered in 10 seconds, not 10 minutes!

  • Dental x-ray, digital - The veterinary standard requires that teeth are x-rayed to do extractions and other procedures.

  • Tonometer - We can diagnose glaucoma and get your pet immediate treatment.

  • Anesthesia monitoring equipment for surgeries and dentals - We monitor the heart, breathing, oxygen in blood, CO2 buildup in blood, body temperature, and blood pressure while your pet is under anesthesia in order to maintain control of the patient’s wellbeing.

  • Supplements - We recommend supplements for joints, anxiety, skin and aging, backed by scientific data.

  • Acupuncture - This can dramatically improve quality of life for arthritic or painful patients, modify behavior, and can help treat other internal and skin diseases.

  • Herbal medicine - Herbs are natural substances and can be safely used to treat symptoms, improve quality of life, alleviate pain, and can sometimes cure diseases that western medicine cannot.

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