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Our mission is to prevent and heal disease in companion animals while respecting the values and needs of our clients and employees. We will ensure patients have a fear-free and compassionate experience. We will use technically advanced veterinary medicine and alternative solutions that are safe and effective. We will recycle material 

and conserve energy, water, and fuel.

An example of value

We believe the value of the physical exam is more than just a visit to the office. Each body system will be examined by the doctor including eyes, ears, oral cavity, heart, lungs, musculo-skeletal, lymph nodes, abdomen, skin, and neurologic status.

You deserve to be given options based on what is best for your pet. You are the most important advocate for your animal and we welcome your active involvement in the treatment plan or preventative health plan for your pet. You know them best and you know what home treatments you can and cannot accomplish.

The medical goals of Whole Pet are to prevent and cure diseases, not just treat symptoms. Our medical practices are based on the most recent information and scientific studies in the veterinary field, supported by alternative and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques that have been applied successfully for over 3,000 years.

Whole Pet works with board certified veterinary specialists and will recommend referral when needed or refer at your request.

On-site high-speed diagnostic technology leads to a quicker diagnosis and treatment plan. We have a digital x-ray which enables us to take and review images within seconds. Our accurate in-house blood-work machines deliver most results during your appointment.

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